So, I’ll be honest, this is a chance for some shameless self promotion. But I’ll get to that later.

A while ago I read that bold, brassy blondes, bright, strong reds, and deep browns where the hair colours for Fall 2011. Okay, except, isn’t that like, all of them?? Minus black…So I thought that was silly. But what trend is emerging thanks to a few celebrities, is the grunge inspired dip dye:

Essentially, you dye the tips of your hair an unnatural colour, like pink, red, blue, teal, yellow, whatever. From my super in-depth research (my memory), the first evidence of this dye trend dates back to Fall 2009 when Drew Barrymore showcased some black dyed tips:

She cut them off soon after (even though I think they were awesome). More recently, we’ve seen Kate Bosworth (straight up, I have no idea why she is famous) and fashionista Lauren Conrad embrace the more colourful side of the trend:


The trend has begun to emerge in various photo shoots and fashion spreads and on the street:

…And by on the street, of course I mean with me:

THERE’S the shameless self promotion!

So what do you think? Dip Dye, yay or nay? Trend that’s here to stay? Also if you have a dip dye hair colour and live in Ottawa, send me a pic at and I’ll put your pic here!