Sometimes it pays off to be at the right place at the right time. I randomly asked these two ladies, Malorie and Maureen to pose for the blog. Just so happens they are part of the Ottawa fashion community themselves! Although I’m not surprised with those cute outfits…

Malorie Bertrand  (on the right) runs EF Magazine, a fashion magazine focusing on stylish sustainable Canadian fashion. Please check it out!

Maureen Dickson, (on the left), runs a fashion blog called Slow Fashion Forward, also focusing on sustainable fashion (you can also follow them on Twitter and Tumblr).

Together they are organizing an awesome event called Fashion on Display:

Please take a chance to check out the event, I know I will, their websites and blogs and maybe give some thought to how you can add some sustainable fashion to your wardrobe!

Thanks Malorie and Maureen, hope the event and your causes go well!

Until next time,