I guess it was a slow news day for paps (paparazzi for those of you who don’t read gossip blogs every day ahem) in L.A yesterday because the internet’s been buzzing about, gasp, Katherine Hegel’s coat:

Some love it, some hate it. Micheal K of Dlisted said, One way to keep psychotic birds from pecking the blood out of your face is to do yourself up so you look like you’ve already felt the beak wrath of a flock of winged animals.” The Daily Mail online disagreed and had some kinder words, saying, The 32-year-old actress looked glamorous in her oversize belted camel coat, black shorts and leopardskin print boots at a Hollywood gas station.

My opinion? I love that she is wearing this freaking fabulous coat while pumping gas, especially since it’s like 30 degrees in L.A right now…