Boo! Happy belated Halloween everyone!

As you are polishing off the last of the fun sized snickers bars you stole from your younger sibling I thought I would post a few costume pictures. I went as a group costume, to a youtube video called German Sparkle Party:

 Here is the Youtube video for some context (I highly recommend watching if you enjoy Germans, sparkles, and parties):

My classmate Alan went as Dexter, complete with dead body:

Ainsley and Miranda as a Candy Skull and the “Spirit of Halloween Ninja” (her costume started as a ninja, but evolved as the evening progressed):

Here’s my friend Yoshi as classic ghost:

My second costume was a Jellyfish (the pic is bad quality, I apologize):

And it was all homemade! You basically tie strips of tool to a belt. I made two layers to make it really poofy, and then layered a sheer piece of fabric overtop to create the jellyfish, and then tied on fabric tentacles to the belt! Check out this link if you are interested in how to make your own tutu/ jellyfish costume.

Hope your Halloween was as spooky and delightful as mine. Also give me a Reeses Cup please.