I noticed this blog gets a lot of hits for the Dip Dye hair article, so I thought I would include a How To section (spoiler alert, it’s really easy!). So enjoy and please leave a comment if you found this helpful.

Okay let’s get started…

Step 1) Put on Dragonette Shirt.

Step 2) Listen to Dragonette during colouring process:


Before you begin, just so you know:

The first time I dyed my hair this style, I went to the Hair Committee on Wellington West. My hair stylist, Trisha, used a Scharzkopf brand semi-permanent hair glaze. It cost 100$ with a wash, cut and blow dry (excellent price!) and the colour lasted roughly a month. When it faded enough, I started dyeing it myself with Manic Panic, as follows.

With this colouring I wash my hair every 2 days, and use dry shampoo in-between. It helps the colour last longer. When I use Manic Panic, I usually re-dye every 2 weeks. What is great about this look is the more it fades, the more interesting and grungy it becomes. The colour is always evolving which is one of the draws to the Dip Dye look, so don’t worry abut re-dying all the time.

One more thing! If you have dark hair you may need to bleach your ends before applying colour. Sorry I do not include instructions on that process, but there are many helpful YouTube videos.

You need: Plastic gloves, hair dye (I use Manic Panic, Red Passion), a comb, and a towel. Put the towel over your shoulders, and try to wear a dark shirt underneath just in case of any mishaps. Next, make sure your hair is parted where you normally part it. Fix any strays.








After that, pick one side of your part (this is my left) and divide that section into two more sections, clipping in the higher section up and out of the way. Now put on your gloves! I try to keep one hand as dye free as possible, to hold the part of the hair not being dyed. With the other hand, just apply the dye starting at the TIP and working your way upwards. The point of this is that the colour appears more saturated towards the tips and more faded towards the root, creating a bit of an ombre effect. After you have applied the dye, make sure to rub it into the roots and along the strands.

After you do the bottom layer, unclip the top layer and do the same.

When you are done with one side of your hair, just fold the towel over it while you are working with your other side (bottom picture). At this point I also wash my hands/gloves.

Then, divide the second side of your hair.


Apply the dye in the same fashion, from tip moving upwards to roughly halfway up your hair. Don’t forget to get the little pieces that escape.

After you are done the second side, comb the dye through both sides.

After you have combed through the dye, cover both sides with the towel and wait for 30-60 minutes. I usually wait 60 for the most saturation, even though the container only says 15-30 minutes.

After that, it’s time to wash it out! Style as you normally would, however I have a tip: This dye job causes major split ends. You won’t notice it right away, (the first few days after colouring, the dye actually coats the tips of your hair making it appear and feel softer), but as the dye fades the breakage will be apparent. I use just the smallest dap of Organix Coconut oil, only on the tips. I find it helps A LOT.

So here is the finished product:









Hope this was helpful, and to anyone thinking of trying this colouring technique; do it! It’s so easy to maintain and looks great.