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Part 2! Featuring designs from !Nu.I, Illyria Designs and Y!D.N.A Collection.

!Nu.I‘s show was for the fierce, independent woman of today who has a retro twist (unfortunately my camera failed to capture most of the looks):

The last part of the night kicked off with Illyria Designs, which featured lots of saturated hues and stripes. These looks were all about being ready to wear, I wanted to grab that stripped dress right off the model and prance on out of there with it on:

The night ended with Y!D.N.A Collection. The show was clearly a crowd favourite thanks to the amazing and whimsical theatrics and wild accessories. The whole show had a very post-apocalyptic meets steam-punk feel that was ridiculously enjoyable to watch. Taking away the theatrics the pieces were very current with large cuts and drapes, and were street ready:

So that’s it from the runway, don’t forget to check out Part 1 here, and Part 3, faces off the runway.