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One of Hintonburg’s best bars (and yeah I’m counting it as Hintonburg, it’s on the cusp okay, Sommerset and Preseton). In between running into old friends, dancing to sweet beats on the sweaty, blue lit dance floor, waiting in line for the bar, and grabbing some fresh air, I managed to grab some going out looks fit for the hipster universe:

Stephanie (a friend of a friend). Love the completely spring vibe with this look that comes from using soft colours like the light blue jean and off white blouse. Paired with the hardcore metal necklace and amazing boots makes the outfit perfect for a summer’s night out. The best looks always come off as effortless and this for sure does.

(Wish my Iphone took better pics, my apologies). But this is Charlotte, a fashion intern, working at Cascata Blu, rocking the amazing American Apparel fringe dress, vintage shoes and purse from Toronto.  Here’s the look from the back:

Charlotte was also wearing custom designed pierced silver earrings from Lisa Martin, a local Ottawa jewelry designer.

You can find out more about Lisa’s designs or contact her on her Facebook page, which can be found here.

Overall, good night. See all you crazy hipsters next month.