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So my first Dip Dye post still receives a lot of hits, and I’ve noticed so many lovely women rocking the dip dye look these days. I’ve actually noticed it a ton in BC, almost more than Ottawa. Either way, I’ve been playing around few a few colours recently and I thought I would show them here.

First, I got my hair dyed ombre before I flew out to BC. I got it done at the lovely Character Hair Salon in Hintonburg:

However, back tracking. Before I dyed it ombre, I wanted to try purple. I used Manic Panic in Ultra Violet:

Above is how it looked over my natural brown.
And this is how it looked over my blonde:
Excuse the ridiculousness, I took this photo weeks ago not intending to post it. BUT as you can see, it came out much more blue than purple. I enjoyed it, it was just different than what I was expecting.
After playing around with purple / blue / red I wanted to try something different. I really want to rock teal ends, and I know Manic Panic makes a teal. However when I went to Shoppers, instead of carrying my stand by Manic Panic, they had Jerome Russell’s Punky Colour, a product I’ve never tried before. I settled with Apple Green:
This is how it looked on my blonde tips:
I got a lot of compliments, but I wasn’t super pleased with it. The best / worst part is, the above photo is from November 6th, and the green is STILL THERE, despite me literally scrubbing it with shampoo. That’s good because the Manic Panic required re-dying almost every week to keep up the vibrancy. SO I highly recommend Punky Colour, check out their website if you are unfamiliar.
I’m waiting for the green to completely go away before I move on to my next dying project, but I have a few ideas in mind that I will post here when they are done.
I fly back to Ottawa on Tuesday, and I can’t wait! Except I don’t have any winter boots, I’ve been rocking Tom’s here all fall (oh no I’m turning into a BC hipster…)