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My friend Alan Dempsey is pretty much the only solid friend I made during my Undergraduate degree at Carleton in Greek and Roman Studies. We spent many hours drinking before Latin class at Mike’s place, which needless to say wasn’t the best idea. You may remember Alan from my Halloween 2011 post. Anyways! Alan, from Scottish heritage, has started a side business making handmade kilts from his Westboro home:

From his Etsy shop: “Handmade kilt from Wool/Rayon blend. Perfect for everyday wear and semi-formal occasions.
This kilt is a “modern” kilt. It rests on the hips just like a pair of pants for a more comfortable and casual feel.
The kilt fastens by means of belt (not provided) on the outside. The inner apron is held in place with velcro for quick adjustments.
The rear pocket is perfect for wallet and/or phone. It can be placed on left or right side.

Take a second and check out his Etsy shop, or send him an e-mail at Adempsey10@gmail.com if you’re interested.