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Hey lovelies. I was inspired by Jezebel’s often hilarious Holiday Gift Guides, so I thought I would put together my own holiday shopping guide, specifically for the areas of Westboro / West Wellington and Hintonburg. I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses, and what better time to do so then around the holidays when, no matter what you’re celebrating exactly, it’s safe to say you will probably do some shopping at some point.

This Part 1 is very simple, I wanted to highlight the Urban Craft Market which is happening tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st at the GCTC. The next one will be in January, so make the effort to start your holiday shopping early and attend. I posted about it last year, you can check out the post for more pictures here.

Local Tourist Ottawa did a great in-depth look at Urban Craft, you can read it here for more information about how the market came to be developed and the people behind its success.

I don’t get home until the 4th so I’m disappointed I won’t be able to attend. But check it out if you haven’t already, it’s always amazing, and a great place to support local vendors.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 in the next few weeks.

xo, -Fi