About Ottawa West Fashion

Ottawa West Fashion started in September 2011 by Fiona Mitchell and our main focus is featuring the street styles of the residents of Westboro, the West Wellington Village and Hintonburg in Ottawa, Ontario. The neighbourhoods of Westboro, West Wellington and Hintonburg are currently three of the most up-in-coming neighbourhoods in Ottawa, each with their own distinct flavour. Having lived and worked here for the past 11 years, I am constantly amazed and inspired by the street fashion of women and men. We also profile events, sales, and community information.

Why Street Fashion?

I don’t take fashion seriously. I don’t have a million dollars to spend on top designer brands, I’m a grad student, I’m too lazy both to stay right on top of the latest runway trends or to feature my own personal styles or looks everyday. Fashion to me personally has always been a fun and creative way to express who I am, and that’s it. I love street fashion because it captures those ideas unexpectedly; you don’t leave the house to run errands thinking you’re going to be photographed and put in a blog. I also enjoy featuring individuals who are unique in the fashion world, and who do not follow the traditional “fashionista” or model mould, people who maybe even don’t consider themselves part of the fashion world. I’m looking for interesting garments that are accessible to the masses. I’m also looking to examine in a very basic way how current runway trends trickle down to the street fashion level; how accessible retailers translate those trends, and then how individuals translate those trends even more.

Who Am I?

I’m Fiona Mitchell, editor/writer/photographer for Ottawa West Fashion. I’m a recent Graduate of Carleton University, having obtained my degree in Greek and Roman studies with an English Minor, currently studying for my MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Victoria. When I’m not blogging here I’m an amateur poet trying to get published. My passions are travelling, writing, photography, music, ancient history, the ocean and singing Karaoke while drunk. My personal style is a combination of Grab-what’s-on-my-floor-chic, sequins and anything with a batwing.

Enjoy, rawr.

For any inquires: ottawawestfashion@hotmail.ca


Fiona Mitchell, editor/photographer/writer.

Jane Maguire, content contributor, and lovely model 

Jaclyn Martino, design layout. See her awesome stuff here

Erika White, logo design. Check out her advertising blog here

(Please Note: Photos all rights reserved. Using or copying pictures from Ottawa West Fashion without my consent is a copyright violation. All images featured unless noted are my personal photos and therefore property)

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