Image Privacy Policy

Images (general)

All images used on Ottawa West Fashion are the personal property of Fiona Mitchell via Ottawa West Fashion, unless otherwise indicated. Any of these images copied or reposted without the proper authorization and source credit given will be in breach of our image privacy policy and must be removed immediately.

Sharing of Images and Articles

If you are interested in featuring one of our looks or articles on your own website or blog, please e-mail me at We would love to network with you!

Individual’s Images

If your image is posted on Ottawa West Fashion, you have previously agreed via verbal contract to give said image rights over to me, Fiona Mitchell. All participants are over 18. Ottawa West Fashion reserves the right to: 1) photoshop or touch up any of our images, 2) use the image in promotional material for the blog, 3) repost the image another time in another post.

Thanks! 🙂

Ottawa West Fashion

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